Making Websites Better

Welcome to My Website Whisperer! If you’ve heard of the ‘horse whisperer’ or the ‘dog whisperer’ then you know exactly what we do for your website. And if not, well, we make your bad website behave!

At My Website Whisperer, we make your website more findable, persuasive and productive, which helps you to increase your online leads, orders and sales.

Simply put, we make your website better.

We do this by improving your website with search engine optimization, website redesign and usability testing. This increases the ability of your website to get found by your prospects, and once found, to smooth the transition from shopper into buyer. We’ve done this for big and small companies, including; Blue Cross of California, Countrywide Home Loans, Disney, Kodak, WellPoint Health Networks and many more, and we can do it for you too!

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My Website Whisperer search engine optimization pageMake your website more Findable –
Search Engine Optimization Services

My Website Whisperer specializes in the art and science of search engine optimization (SEO). Studies have shown, and perhaps your own experiences have proved that if your website is not on the first page of Google or the other search engines for terms your prospects use when searching for your services, it’s highly unlikely they will ever find your website. My Website Whisperer uses a proprietary method of auditing your website for search engine optimization, making recommendations and improvements to code, content and information architecture. All of the websites that have gone through this process have ended up on the 1st page of search engine results. Shouldn’t yours?

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My Website Whisperer website redesign pageMake your website more Persuasive – Website Redesign Services

Are you in need of a website redesign to beat the competition or improve your online results? If so, My Website Whisperer provides customized, fast and effective redesigns that will increase the leads and sales from your website. It’s a well known fact that websites only have a maximum of 10 seconds, many experts saying just a few seconds, to make a favorable impression on the visitor, and convince them to stay. In those few seconds, your website has to; explain who you are, what you provide and why the visitor should care (what’s in it for them). Using the latest website redesign processes and tools, My Website Whisperer can redesign your site, providing the visual style and functionality that turns more of your visitors into buyers.

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My Website Whisperer usability testing pageMake your website more Productive – Usability Testing Services

My Website Whisperer provides Certified Usability Analyst services to test and optimize the usability of your website, making for improved conversion of visits to leads and leads to sales. Without spending any more money on advertising, you can increase your website conversion by 10%, 15%, 20% or more! Usability testing services include fast and cost-effective usability reviews (a usability audit of your website pinpointing issues and opportunities) to complete one-on-one usability performance testing with your actual website visitors (displayed as video snippets and powerpoint screenshots detailing exactly where usability issues are occurring, and how to fix them). My Website Whisperer websites that have undergone usability testing and optimization have experienced as much as 50% improvement in ROI, shouldn’t yours?

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